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November 8, 2012
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(( Before you read I wanted to do a vote on which Nordic this series should end with ))
((Also some constructive criticism might help a little bit~ Thank you~ Hope you enjoy the story~))
   You heard the sounds of sirens behind you as you fled from the orphanage. It had been years since you had seen your parents. They had died when someone shot them in the middle of their attack on the country of Finland. Your feet stumbled over a small ledge and you fell onto the ground. A squeal of pain escaped you when your head hit the cold pavement. Small puddles of blood formed around your head as you fell unconscious.
   ~P.O.V change~
   Berwald and Tino were having their afternoon coffee at their regular cafe, as they saw a girl run by the window. Tino glanced over to Berwald,"Hey... Do you think we should follow her to make sure she is okay?" Berwald simply grunted then nodded to his so called wife. They both stood up and walked out of the cafe, only to see the cop cars go by.
   Tino hurried up and speed-walked to where they figured she would be. As they continued along, Berwald spotted a figure out of the corner of his eye.
   "Hey Finny... Do you see that?" Berwald asked, turning towards the alleyway. Tino saw the small figure and moved over to it. He realized it was the girl and gasped. Quickly he shuffled out of his jacket and placed it on her bloody body. The Swedish man made his way over to the two and picked up the (h/c) girl, "We should take her home to treat her and find out what was going on, Okay?"The Finnish man nodded and they walked home, through the now quiet dusk.
   ~Le timeskip and P.O.V back yo you~
   You suddenly woke up, lights  burning your eyes from the sudden exposure to it. Your head was throbbing with pain so you reached up, feeling your bandages. You hadn't remembered putting them on but shrugged it off. Every time your fingers ran over the covered wound, you winced slightly. Soon you got used to it and looked around your new surroundings. It wasn't the orphanage, which confused you, until you remembered your escape the previous day. Slowly, you sat up, looking at the clothes on your body. It was a (f/c) dress with black lace trimmings along the bottom. One of your hands ran along the fabric; it was a lot softer than you were used to which made you smile a little bit.
   Suddenly an, an entertained chuckle came from the other side of the room, breaking tour train of thought. You saw a man with spiky, dirty blonde hair. he started to walk over to you, making you cower back in fear. The man sighed, "You shouldn't be afraid. Me and my friends are here to help you..." This only resulted in a quiet whimper coming from you. Silence filled the room until he coughed, clearing his throat, " I am Matthias...and you are...?"
   You finally spoke up, barely hearable, but it was an accomplishment, "I-I'm (y/n)..." The danish man sighed in relief when you walked.
   "Where do you live?" He asked softly.
   A quiet whimper came past your lips, "I-I don't have a home..." The dane looked at you questioningly.
   Matthias stood there quietly,the room filled with awkward silence. He coughed again, breaking the quietness, "Umm... Where are your parents...?"
   "I don't have any..." You replied, sadness filling your voice.
   ~P.O.V change~
   He sighed, looking at the girl in front of him. Maybe I should let her stay here... I mean we can't just send her back out into the cold... It would be cruel... He thought to himself. Hey maybe she will help everyone be more cheerful at the house again. He blinked, "You could stay with me and my friends if you want to. I'm sure they wouldn't mind " He sat up a little bit, "Let me ask them. I won't be more than few minutes, okay?"
   (y/n) nodded, "O-Okay..." He could sense the slight fear in her voice.
   "It's okay (y/n). You will be safe here." He assured her before standing up, "Just wait here."
   ~In the other room~
   Tino turned his attention to the door when it was opened by the danish man, "How is she?" Did she wake up? What hap--"
   calm down Tino... Listen, she doesn't have a home or parents, she doesn't have anything...So, I offered that she could stay here at our house for awhile..." The four nordics paused for a minute, thinking about whether or not they should let her stay.
   Berwald finally spoke up, "I think it will be okay, for now. I think when she gets older though that we should find her a real home." They exchanged a few glances then nodded.
   ~Back to your P.O.V~
   You glanced up when you heard the door open. Matthias made his way over yo you with a cheesy grin plastered on his face, "(y/n)!You get to stay with us!"
   He picked you up gently and carried you out to them, "Everyone, this is (y/n)! the newest resident to the Nordic house!"
Hey~ This is a little story I have been working on in school XD I couldn't decide who to make as the main country so I picked all the nordics XD

Nordics belong to Hetalia not me.

Chapter 1: You are here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
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